Read about what others are saying about Cashwell Associates, Inc.

"Ted has always stood above the crowd in terms of honesty and integrity. He is definitely a leader in the construction industry, here in Southern California."

-John B., President of JH Bryant Jr., Inc.

"Ted has always displayed the character attributes of a business leader in the construction industry. My experience with Ted's ability to work with customers has resulted in long-term relationships for our organization, such as Union Bank of California."

-Gil L., CEO of LCW Contractors Inc.

"Ted's involvement in the construction of the retail service industry has brought a new and very proactive approach to achieving and delivering above-average results to his demanding clientele."

-Matthew S., Regional Operations Manger of Festival Management Corp.

"The enthusiasm and honesty that Ted demonstrates is very refreshing in such a competitive environment. He has always performed his work with the highest of professionalism and integrity."

-Anthony M., President of PCD Amusements, Raleigh NC